Special Delivery….

Special Delivery

Guess what came in the mail today?  Believe me, you’ll never guess…

Special Delivery
Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks!

Isn’t amazing that they send them in the mail?

These baby chicks are only 3 days old.  They can live for up to two days without food or water since they continue to live off the nutrition received from the yolk.  So, that makes it feasible to send them in the mail.

Baby Chicks

These baby chicks are the newest residents of Double S Farms.  Chicken Farmer, my sister, has everything all ready for them.

She wrote about her preparations in an earlier post “A Pair of Boots and an Empty Chicken Coop”.

Baby Chicks

Buff Orpington chick 

Barred Plymouth Rock chick

Barred Plymouth Rock chick

Baby Chicks

Their names are Flo, Effie, Ramona and Lucy.

The chicks will spend the next 6 weeks in their brooder, above.

But soon, they will be moving into their new custom made chicken coop.

Double s farms

We are all looking forward to fresh eggs…

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  1. noel
    noel says:

    wow, how cute is that…makes you trust the mail system again…i think they are going to enjoy their new home, it looks too cool!

  2. Jan (Thanks For Today)
    Jan (Thanks For Today) says:

    Adorable! Will they have names?! Good to know they're for 'eggs'…not 'eats', especially if they are given names!! How do they handle all that bouncing around–or worse, tossing and dropping–in the mail system?! What a marvel;-)

  3. Martha Z
    Martha Z says:

    Cute new residents for the hen house. One of two things that keeps me from raising egg machines is what to do with them when they quit laying? The other, of course, is my HOA.

  4. Gail
    Gail says:

    They are too cute. Someone gave me a first edition copy of The Egg and I…a very funny book about a newlywed couple who buy a chicken farm! Have you read it? It's dated but she was very funny. gail

  5. Joanne
    Joanne says:

    They are delightful and it reminds me of a visit as a child to the smallholding of the father of a schoolfriend and being fascinated by the soft and gentle chicks we were allowed to hold.

  6. FlowerLady
    FlowerLady says:

    This post has me smiling. How cool it was to get these little 3 day old chicks in the mail. They have a lovely coop waiting for them, and they will give you lots of wonderful eggs to enjoy.


  7. James Missier
    James Missier says:

    Im amazed that those chicks manage to arrive safely thru the mailing system.
    I cannot imagine what would be the result if I do the same in my place, probably it may arrive as chicken pancakes!

    Love all the various colours, wonder if they shed those infant feathers or retain them for life.

  8. gippslandgardener
    gippslandgardener says:

    Now that would be a strange parcel to open if you weren't expecting it!
    I adore the picture of the little Buff Orpington, she looks so pensive for a little chick. Or maybe that's just the stunned look you get when travelling the postal system 😀

  9. Liisa
    Liisa says:

    There is nothing better than fresh eggs. The new chicks are so adorable. I have been trying to convince my finace that we need to have chickens, but so far he is not convinced. 🙁 I will take delight in seeing yours!

  10. Rose
    Rose says:

    Oh, they are the cutest things! My mother used to raise chickens when I was a young girl, and I remember the chicks would come in the mail. I never thought about it at the time how they could survive that–thanks for informing me. One of my earliest chores as a young girl was gathering eggs–this brings back memories, Noelle.

    Loved all your beautiful photos of the agaves! I fell in love with these when I saw some of the magnificent specimens at the DBG for the first time two years ago. I bought a small one to bring home with me last year, and the nursery salesman told me to beware of the thorns. What thorns? Then I rubbed my finger across the edge and discovered what he was talking about:)

  11. Meredith
    Meredith says:

    Oh, my goodness, Noelle, they are so cute! I already have chicken lust, and I'm not sure it was a good idea to see those precious wee chicks. Can't wait to see follow-up on them. Are they any particular breed?

  12. Meredith
    Meredith says:

    Oops… never mind about the last question. I just saw that you named two of the breeds as Buff Orpington and Barred Plymouth Rock. What's the stripey fellow, I wonder?

  13. Curbstone Valley Farm
    Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    Oh! I've been out of town for the last week, and almost missed this! I'm soooo jealous! They are so adorable…I can't wait for our new chicks to arrive at the end of March. I hope you'll post some updates as they grow!

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