Adventures in Amish Country and a Farmhouse Visit

Amish Country

Well as promised, this is the last installment of our trip to the east coast last month.  For those of you who have not been following our adventures, breathlessly awaiting this post 😉  So far , we had traveled to Atlanta – to Asheville, NC – to Williamsburg, VA – to Washington DC – to Lancaster, PA.

My mother had been to Amish country before and really enjoyed her time there, so we were excited to experience it.  The Amish lifestyle is fascinating  and you can find out more about their beliefs and lifestyle here if you like. 

The countryside was so beautiful and the roadsides were flanked by countless farms.  It was fairly easy to tell which farms were Amish by looking at the clothes hanging out on the laundry line.

Amish country

Our first adventure in Amish country consisted of taking a buggy ride.  As many of you probably know, the Amish do not use cars, tractors or electricity.  But, they do have horse driven buggies. 

buggy ride

Our driver’s name was Rueben and I enjoyed talking to him as he drove us around. By the way, there is a reason that Rueben is not in this picture…..the Amish do not like to have their picture taken.

As fun as the buggy ride was, I was looking forward to stopping by some of the stores which feature many Amish made goods.

Amish country

I think one of the things that I like about fall are mums and pumpkins.  How about you?

Many of the stores had pumpkins for sale as well as gourds.  I saw two different types of gourds that I had never seen before…..

Amish country

There are actually gourds that grow in the shape of apples and swans.  I have to get seeds and try growing them myself.

It was easy to tell that we were right in the middle of farm country.  Many of the gift shops had produce for sale as well. 


Can you think of a better place to put broccoli?  I can’t wait for my broccoli plants to grow 🙂

There was a huge farmer’s market that we ventured into where we not only saw beautiful produce…..

Amish country

There was also an iconic treat for sale as well….

 so delicious

Oh, I absolutely loved the Whoopie Pies.  I love to bake and I would love to learn how to make these….they were just so delicious.  The girls bought Amish dolls at the Farmer’s Market. An interesting fact about Amish dolls, is that they do not have faces.

It was time for us to head to our Bed & Breakfast.  The kids were particularly looking forward to staying there because our B&B was actually a working farm.

Airy Hill Farm

This is a view of the farmhouse at Airy Hill Farm.

Amish country

The barn was located behind the trees.  We met the wonderful owners, Mark and Hazel and the kids couldn’t wait to meet the animals.

Airy Hill Farms used to be a part of a larger farm.  The owners sold most of the land and kept 20 acres for themselves and their sheep, alpacas, horse and chickens.

Amish country

The original hog farm.

Mark took the kids down the drive to meet the miniature horse and take her for a walk.

miniature horse

They met the Alpacas and learned how to feed them.

Amish country

The sheep were only interested in the kids when they thought that they had food.

We had a wonderful dinner nearby in Lititz and were then welcomed back at our B&B with hot tea and coffee.  We spent a wonderful night in very comfortable rooms.

The next morning the kids were up early and went to help Mark feed the animals and help search for eggs in the barn.

Amish country

Kai was determined to look everywhere for eggs….

Amish country

He actually found some.

Amish country

I think the kids were kind of disappointed that we were not going to spend the entire day at the farm.  We decided to explore some of the other Amish towns nearby.

Amish country

YES, that is actually the name of the town.  I’m thinking of making this our Christmas card.  What do you think?  Actually, I am too chicken to send this out as our Christmas card 😉  Another fun town we visited was called ‘Bird in Hand’.

We visited the local library and noticed the special parking area….

parking area

This is for horses and buggies.  The signs ask that you clean up after your horse.

We saw quite a bit of activity on the farms.  I was interested in seeing how the Amish farmers work without tractors or any power equipment.

I was only able to get one photo of an Amish farmer and I took it from far away, so as not to make him uncomfortable.

Amish farmer

I realize that it may seem strange to write so much about Amish country and not have pictures of the Amish people to share with you, but it is important to respect their wishes and privacy.  We did see many Amish people.  The children are just darling in their little bonnets and hats.

A lot of the kids ride scooters, which have the body of a scooter, but with large tires like a bicycle.  I saw a teenage Amish boy who was racing down the road very fast on his scooter.  I was struck by the similarities to your average teenage boy who likes to drive fast in a car.

After a little more shopping, we went back to our Farmhouse B&B and the kids were free to spend the afternoon playing.

Amish country
Amish country

We had a fabulous time and highly recommend Airy Hill Farms to anyone who is planning a trip to Amish country in Pennsylvania.

We woke up the next morning, said goodbye to the animals and headed on our way to Philadelphia for the day and then on to New York City – the final destination of our wonderful vacation 🙂

Amish country

Thank you so much for letting me share our travel adventures with you 🙂

Greetings From Amish Country…

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  1. Rose
    Rose says:

    What a wonderful trip you have had, Noelle! I've never been to Lancaster, PA, but we do have an Amish settlement not far from where I live. It's so interesting to see the simpler way that they live, and we love to visit one of their local stores–wonderful cheeses and jams, and the home-baked goods are delicious.

  2. rohrerbot
    rohrerbot says:

    I love Amish communities and all the things they grow and make. The whoopie pies sound delicious. Sounds like you guys had some good family time together and that's the best:)

  3. Balisha
    Balisha says:

    Noelle, I have enjoyed this so much. What a wonderful trip you and your family had. Especially loved this post on Amish country..I have always been fascinated by the Amish and have been to several communities. Thanks for "taking" me along..Balisha

  4. Candy "Sweetstuff"
    Candy "Sweetstuff" says:

    What a great place to go visit! Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us. Whoopie pies sound and look yummy! Your kids are getting a wonderful education of the country on your trip.

  5. Gail
    Gail says:

    Noelle, Amish country is gorgeous~Loved the photos and seeing your family laughing and smiling was a treat~gail ps I think I might send the Christmas xard to a few good friends who have a great sense of humor!

  6. Kathleen
    Kathleen says:

    I'd be too chicken to send that photo out for Christmas too! Maybe to just select people???
    Visiting Amish country is a terrific experience. Eye opening for kids ~ to learn about another way of life. I always found it so peaceful. Your pictures are lovely. What a great trip you took!!!

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