Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA

One of the 22 historic squares in Savannah, GA
One of the 22 historic squares in Savannah, Georgia

One of the 22 historic squares in Savannah, Georgia.

Welcome to Day 2 of our road trip.

Our first stop was Charleston, SC – which is a beautiful city.

Today, we visited Savannah, Georgia.  I had heard so many wonderful things about this historical city and couldn’t wait to explore it on our own.

historic district

We decided to take a tour because it would be hard to sufficiently explore the historic district by foot in the one day we had.

Many of the tours are on trolleys with multiple stops so that you can get off and on.

historic district

The homes were just lovely with many of them built in the 1700’s.

Each historic square, is a park that is surrounded by homes.


Many of the churches have steeples.

Savannah River

The Savannah River is located by the historic district and you can eat some fabulous food and see the boats go by.

Savannah, Georgia

According to the sign, this is a ‘real’ barber shop as opposed to a ‘fake’ one I suppose 😉

Savannah, Georgia

The arborist in me loves trees and there were so many old, live oaks.

 Byrds Famous Cookies

We took some time to do a bit of shopping as well, stopping by Byrds Famous Cookies, which are a Savannah staple.  These bite-sized cookies come in many different flavors.

Of course, we sampled some of the flavors at the ‘cookie bar’.  My favorites were peach and red velvet.

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Do you know whose restaurant this is?

(It’s Paula Deen’s restaurant – we made reservations a week ago and ate a delicious, yet fattening lunch 😉

After a wonderful day in Savannah, we drove to a plantation, just outside the city.

Wormsloe Plantation

This is Wormsloe Plantation, which was built in 1736.

You can see the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

Savannah, Georgia

The entrance was just what I imagined the entry to a plantation would look like.

Savannah, Georgia

The drive was lined with 400 live oak trees.

Savannah, Georgia

After we parked, we walked a short distance to the ruins of the plantation house…

Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA
Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA
Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA

A path behind the house led to a marsh.

Another pathway led to a colonial village recreation.

Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA

  There were guides in period costume, who explained how life was back in the early 1700’s.

After leaving the plantation, we spent time visiting a small island called Tybee Island, which I wrote a separate blog post about.

We are having a great time so far.

I have learned that a pineapple represents hospitality, so at many hotels, you will see a pineapple symbol.

Also, the sweet tea is really sweet.

Thank you for joining me for our road trip.  Six days more days to go…and here is what we did the next day.

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  1. Tabbie B
    Tabbie B says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing your trip with me…the pictures are just awesome..I loved seeing the trees with the moss and the drive with the old oak trees is just amazing…also the flower boxes are beautiful..I watch Paula and have always wanted to meet awesome to see her restaurant…I also live in AZ and can only grow a few plants in the house as I don't have a green again thank you for sharing.

  2. David Cristiani
    David Cristiani says:

    Sweet tea more than sweet, no joke. Same in Alabama where I lived on base growing up. But the oaks…WOW! The towering cabbage palms in one shot – WOW! This is great, and it looks like their culture is a horticultural one – enjoying your tour.

    Food – all the walking, especially when it gets really steamy (probably too early), will burn it off. So, endulge for me.

  3. Patricia Walker
    Patricia Walker says:

    New to your page and I love seeing your trip to "Slowvannah"! My brother-in-law is from there and I have been there as well. My sister was married on Tybee Island. Amazing area SOOO much history.
    Ask for regular ice tea and chuckle at the looks and comments you get. Sometimes they refuse, it's sweet tea, water or soda (pop)! HA HA

  4. RobinL
    RobinL says:

    I always enjoy reading about your road trips. I've never been to Savannah. We were visiting Hilton Head, and due to visit Savannah, when a hurricane made an appearance. We hustled home, and missed that part of the trip! That plantation drive looks like the scene from Forest Gump when they say "Run Forest, run!"

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