This summer has found us staying close to home for the most part as my son, Kai, is recovering from hip surgery.

June 2013

This is Kai’s sixth hip surgery and he will be the first to tell you that it is not fun.

The first part is always the worst because of the pain.

Post surgery 2006. Kai was in a stryker cast that reached up to his chest.
The first 24 hours aren’t too bad because he is mostly sleeping. 

Leaving from the hospital in 2008.

But afterward, it just plain hurts – especially during the first week.


After a couple of weeks, the pain goes away, which is a good thing.

However, Kai still can’t walk for another 4 – 5 weeks, which is a bad thing.  Especially if you are a little boy.

Kai doesn’t let it slow him down though…


Bowling in 2008

Racing with his cousins while being pushed by ‘Super-Duper’, a local super hero (whose secret identity is that of Kai’s uncle 😉


Fighting with light sabers.

As you can see, Kai keeps busy and doesn’t let his wheelchair get in the way.

This summer is no different…

Playing ping-pong

Kai can’t get in the pool, but he can have fun with squirt guns.

Another race.  Don’t worry…Kai had his seat belt on 😉

Having surgery and spending countless summers stuck in wheelchair can be hard.  But, Kai adapts so easily and doesn’t let it bother him.  

I have blogged about Kai in the past including what is wrong with his hip and our adoption process.  You can read about it if you like, “Sunshine in My Life”
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  1. FlowerLady Lorraine
    FlowerLady Lorraine says:

    Kai looks like a happy person even in spite of his surgery and being unable to do things he would like to do.

    I pray that his recovery will be swift and that you all feel God's loving, healing presence surrounding you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady


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