Are your containers filled with flowering annuals? If you are going to plant cool-season annuals such as alyssum, lobelia, pansies, petunias, snapdragons or violas – now is a great time to plant them.  You can read some helpful planting tips for annuals here.

I must confess that my containers aren’t filled with flowering annuals, although I do love them.
Oh, I used to be very good at filling my pots with flowers every March and again in October.  But then, life got very busy.
Sometimes I am so busy helping other people with their gardens that I don’t have much time for mine.
However, I am not upset about that.  You see, one of the great things about living in the Southwest, is all of the succulents and cacti that we can grow in our containers.
Last year, I replaced all of my flowering plants with succulents and I haven’t looked back.  They look great and take very minimal care, which fits into my busy life perfectly.  
Recently, I visited the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and saw some great examples of potted succulents, which I thought I’d share with you…
Victoria Agave ‘Compacta’
Agave parryi ‘truncata’
Mexican Fence Post (Pachycereus marginatus)
A trio of variegated agave
‘Blue Elf’ Aloe
As you can see, there are so many options when you decide to use succulents in containers.  
Whether you live near the Desert Botanical Garden or even if you don’t – you can visit your local botanical garden for some alternative ideas for filling your containers.
Growing succulents in pots is easy – the most important thing is that they are well-drained, so it’s important to use a planting mix specially formulated for succulents.
Do you have any succulents growing in pots?
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