The Ugly Stepsister – The Floral Edition

tropical bird of paradise
tropical bird of paradise

Tropical bird of paradise

Sometimes, life isn’t fair. Especially when nature hasn’t endowed you with any noticeable outward beauty. What makes it worse is that you are a flower and are supposed to be pretty.

The Ugly Stepsister - The Floral Edition

What makes it worse is that you are a flower and are supposed to be pretty

What makes it worse, is when you are compared to your ‘sister’ who is drop-dead gorgeous. 

tropical bird of paradise

Vibrant colors and exquisite shape

Imagine having to stare at her vibrant colors and exquisite shape all day long?

tropical bird of paradise

Beautiful tropical bird of paradise bloom

It doesn’t matter which angle you use, there is no improving your outward appearance. So you decide to concentrate on inner growth and decide to be the best flower you can be on the inside.

ugly stepsisters

*When I spotted this forlorn flower next to its spectacular companion, I immediately thought of the story of the ‘ugly stepsisters’ from Cinderella – one who is having a ‘bad hair’ day. 

In actuality, this bedraggled flower used to be a beautiful tropical bird of paradise bloom (like its companion), but its lifespan is nearing an end and it will soon be clipped off. 

I hope you enjoyed the floral edition of the ‘Ugly Stepsister’.

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  1. Sharon McAvoy
    Sharon McAvoy says:

    Hi Noelle,
    This post hits my funny bone. My family always laughs at me when I anthropomorphize my plants! But I can totally see the disgruntled look on the ‘ugly step sister’s’ face. haha
    On a garden-y note. I have a question. Have you ever grown hyssop/agastache in the Phoenix area?
    Have a great day

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