Have you ever been on live television?  

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have said “no”.  I had done some filming for “how-to” gardening videos for – but they weren’t live and took place in my back garden.  Somehow, live TV is quite different.

Last time, I told you about my upcoming appearance on our local ABC station to talk about creative container gardening tips.  

Posing next to my newly-planted container filled with purple basil, thyme, rosemary and parsley.  White petunias add beauty to the pot.

This was the second time that I had been asked to appear on Sonoran Living, which is a local morning program.  

Last time I was on the show, I spoke about ‘Fuss Free’ Plants.  This time, I would be talking about  creative tips for container gardening.  

So, I went shopping for my ‘props’.  I decided to plant an herb container as well as a pot filled with vegetables and flowers.  I bought several medium-sized pots, a variety of potting mixes and of course, plants.

My sister came along with me to help with the props and setting up.  I had planted the pots ahead of time, so setting up wasn’t too difficult.

The main focus of the demonstration would be the three pots, the potting mixes and the recyclable grocery bag.

They tell you to bring a lot of props, which look good on television.  So, I brought gardening gloves, some hand tools and extra plants to help ‘set the stage’.  My microphone was there for me to put on and I was almost ready.

Finishing up planting my vegetable/flower container.

Last time I was on the show, mine was the first segment.  It went very fast and we were back on the road before the show was over.  

This time, I was to go last.  So after everything was set up, my sister and I were invited to wait in the staff break room.  

To say that I wasn’t nervous would be an exaggeration.  But, I was not as nervous as my first time.  It’s actually not as hard as doing a “how-to” video where you have to talk to the camera.  On the show, I am talking to a person who asks me questions so I don’t speak directly to the camera at all.  If you lose your train of thought, they are there to get you back on track.

Of the tips I shared on air – using recycled, plastic containers to fill the bottom of large pots as well as using a recycled grocery bag as a container were the most popular with the hosts.

I had a great time and hope to be invited back again.  

Below, is the link for my container gardening segment and at the end you see where I accidentally got involved in a conversation at the end about “Dancing With the Stars”.

I hope you enjoy it and come away with some helpful tips that you can use when creating your own container garden.

**You can view my first appearance on Sonoran Living where I talk about “Fuss-Free Plants” here.
Spring in the desert brings a flurry of activity out in the garden – much of it involving container gardening.

It is much like the saying, “Out with the old and in with the new.”  Cool-season plants are traded out for those that can handle the hot temperatures of summer.  

Yesterday, I spent some time at my local nursery shopping for containers and plants in preparation for my television appearance tomorrow morning on Sonoran Living.  

I was asked to talk about creative container gardening tips, so I thought that I would give you a little preview…

1. Jazz up the appearance of your containers by painting them a different color.

Let’s face it – beautiful containers can be expensive and cheap plastic containers can be a bit on the boring side.  I like to dress up plastic containers by adding a coat of paint.  

Many spray paints can be used on plastic and last a long time.  I have several painted pots in my garden that add a welcome spot of color.

2. Grow herbs and vegetables along with flowers in pots.

Leaf lettuce and garlic grow along with flowering petunias.

I enjoy growing vegetables and herbs in pots.  In the fall, I plant leaf lettuce, spinach and garlic in my large pots alongside flowering petunias.

Winter container garden with spinach, parsley and garlic growing with pink petunias.

Use a potting mix, which is specially formulated for containers and holds just the right amount of moisture.  

Container plants need to be fertilized.  You can use a slow-release fertilizer or a liquid fertilizer of your choice.

Cucumbers growing with vinca and dianthus.

In spring, vegetables such as cucumbers, bush beans and even zucchini can grow in containers paired with flowers. 

*If you would like to try growing edible containers, click here for more info.

3. Plant succulents for a low-maintenance container.

Succulents do very well in pots and need less water than those filled with flowering annuals and perennials.

Desert Spoon (Dasylirion wheeleri).
Succulents are a good choice for planting in areas where water is not easily accessible.  While they will need supplemental water, the fact that they don’t need to be watered daily, make them a better choice for these areas.

In general, succulents are lower-maintenance as well, so they area great choice for the ‘fuss-free’ gardener.

Use a potting mix specially formulated for cactus & succulents, which will drain well.

Fertilize succulents spring through fall using a liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength.

*For more information on how to plant succulents in containers, including how to do it without getting pricked, click here.

4. Fill the bottom space of large pots with empty, plastic containers. 

Let’s face it – potting mix is expensive and makes your pots very heavy.  If you have a large pot, your plant’s roots most likely will never reach the bottom – so why waste soil where you don’t need it?

Fill up this unused space with recycled plastic containers and then add your potting mix.  You will save money AND your container will be much lighter as well.

*Next time, I’ll have some fun ideas for containers including how to grow flowers or vegetables out of a recyclable grocery bag.


Tomorrow at 9:00 am, I will be on our local ABC station’s show, Sonoran Living, talking about “Creative Container Gardening Tips”.  I hope you tune in!  I’ll be sure to add the link for those of you who live outside of the Phoenix metro area, tomorrow, if you’d like to watch it online 🙂