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Okay, I admit that I had a hard time with the title of this post.  I think it is because it is somewhat a mish-mash of topics.  But, the overall theme is that these all have occurred in this month of June.

When we built our home back in 1999, we selected an extra large lot….not so that we could put a swimming pool in, but so I could plant a large garden.  In place of a swimming pool, we did install a grassy area in the back garden for the kids and dogs to play on.  We do not have a huge amount of grass and most of my plants are drought tolerant, since we try to minimize excess water usage.  We do live in a desert after all.

The other day, I noticed some brown areas of grass amongst the green lawn.  So, I decided to put our small hose sprinkler head on those areas to help green them up.  Well, what do sprinklers and a warm, summer day have in common?  Kids!

Small Hose Sprinkler

Small Hose Sprinkler

Gracie was so excited about running in the sprinklers that she went and put her swimming goggles on.

My husband also had the great idea to let Kai go in the sprinklers as well.  After all, his wheelchair is waterproof….I think.

Small Hose Sprinkler

Small Hose Sprinkler

Now, the only problem is is that Kai’s dad can push him into the sprinklers whenever he wants 😉

Small Hose Sprinkler

It was so nice to see Kai outdoors, enjoying the sun and being able to “run” through the sprinklers with his sisters.

Afterward, the kids decided that they wanted to eat their lunch outdoors….

lunch outdoors

Okay, now for my harvest.  We have had so much fun with our new vegetable garden this spring.  One of the most impressive vegetables we have been growing is corn.

It is hard to believe that it was just late March when Kai first planted the corn seeds.

Kai first planted the corn seeds

The corn began to grow quickly next to the neighboring cucumbers.


Some days you could almost measure the growth by inches.


And now for the grand finish….we harvested 13 ears of corn from our 7 corn stalks.  


They tasted delicious…


How have you been spending your June days?

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