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Have you ever visited a place that took you a long time to get to?

I’m not talking about how long it takes to travel there but the length of time that you had wanted to visit a place before you finally got there.

On The Road to Bisbee

I have lived in Arizona for 28 years and during that time have visited the southwestern, western, northwestern, northern, northeastern, eastern and southern areas of our beautiful state.

However, I am embarrassed to say that I have never visited the southeastern part of Arizona.  I had wanted to visit Bisbee, AZ for years.  So, my husband and I decided to take a trip to Bisbee for our 28th wedding anniversary.

So, we packed our bags and headed out.  Our route took us through Tucson and then toward Tombstone, AZ where we had some fun adventures including viewing the “World’s Largest Rosebush”.

You can read about our Tombstone adventures, here.

After leaving Tombstone, we soon arrived in Bisbee.

old copper mining town

Bisbee is an old copper mining town.

old mining town

It has been often described as an old mining town with a European flair.

Mule Mountains

 Bisbee is situated within the Mule Mountains and built into the hillsides.

Road to Bisbee

100 year old buildings have been converted into art galleries, hotels, restaurants and shops.

copper mine

Bisbee’s existence is due to the now-closed, open-pit copper mine.

As you drive into the historic section of Bisbee, you can view the enormous open pit where they mined for years.

*To get an idea of the scale, look at the buildings to the left of the mine.  

Road to Bisbee

It is obvious, after spending a few minutes in Bisbee, that it is a community with many artists.

Concrete walls throughout the town displayed a variety of murals.

Road to Bisbee

This mural was just outside our 100-year old hotel, Canyon Rose Suites, which I highly recommend.

Road to Bisbee

I liked this garden mural of potted succulents along the Cochise County Cooperative Extension Office, which had gardening tips up in the window.

art galleries

As you walked past some of the art galleries, you could see examples of unique art, like the colorful doorway, across the street.

I walked across the street to see what was used to create this unique doorway…

plastic shopping bags and recycled bottles

It was a collection of colorful, plastic shopping bags and recycled bottles.

*Plastic bags are banned in Bisbee and stores charge you 5 cents for paper bags.  So, it’s easier to bring your own recyclable shopping bag with you.

zombie miner

We didn’t buy anything for our kids, although I was tempted to buy this ‘zombie miner’ shirt for my son.

old buildings

I enjoyed seeing the old buildings – some were a bit quirky like this storefront covered in bottle caps.

recycled materials

We passed by this interesting figure made from recycled materials.  His body is made from an old propane tank, his legs are made from rebar inserted into coils, the arms are made of rebar with plastic forks stuck to the ends and his head is an old bucket with washers for his eyes.

unique pieces of artwork

An empty lot along the main street had some unique pieces of artwork as well with an outdoor living room depicted.

As you can see, it is wise to expect the unexpected when walking through the historical sections of Bisbee.

One evening, we were walking along the main road after dinner, when I noticed something strange on the mountainside…

Road to Bisbee

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting a skull and crossbones.  The hotel across the street, had a special light that shone onto the mountainside across the street.

*The next night the skull and crossbones had been replaced by the ‘bat signal’ from Batman fame.

Road to Bisbee

The residents of Bisbee are very friendly and the city proudly marches to beat of its own drummer.

Road to Bisbee

I saw this bumper sticker that I think described Bisbee pretty well.

The Bisbee Great Stair Climb

Because Bisbee is built up on a mountainside, there are a lot of stairways, which have led to an annual event known as “The Bisbee Great Stair Climb” where participants climb 1,000 stairs, distributed throughout different stairways.

The Bisbee Great Stair Climb

Each stairway is clearly designated throughout the city and the number of stairs in each stairway is indicated for tourists who want to try climbing the stairs for themselves.

The Bisbee Great Stair Climb

Here is another one.

The Bisbee Great Stair Climb

This one leads up to the city park and is 127 steps.

The Bisbee Great Stair Climb

This one was the most colorfully painted.

*My husband dared me to climb one of the longest stairways.  Click here to see which stairway he dared me to try and if I tried to scale the seemingly endless steps.

Screaming Banshee

Of course, a vital part of a vacation is enjoying good food.  We had lunch at the ‘Screaming Banshee’, which served delicious basil pesto breadsticks and great pizza.

We also enjoyed eating at Bisbee’s Table and Santiago’s Mexican restaurants.

Road to Bisbee

Walking through Bisbee is enjoyable, but bring comfortable shoes because you are either walking up or downhill.

Because Bisbee is 5,500 feet up in altitude, we got a good workout walking, which is a good thing because we ate a lot of great food!

Road to Bisbee

As you can see, we had a great time AND I haven’t even shown you the gardens yet!

Come back next time when I show some cute bungalow gardens, roses, cacti, hidden gardens and more 🙂

One of the 22 historic squares in Savannah, Georgia

One of the 22 historic squares in Savannah, Georgia.

Welcome to Day 2 of our road trip.

Our first stop was Charleston, SC – which is a beautiful city.

Today, we visited Savannah, Georgia.  I had heard so many wonderful things about this historical city and couldn’t wait to explore it on our own.

historic district

We decided to take a tour because it would be hard to sufficiently explore the historic district by foot in the one day we had.

Many of the tours are on trolleys with multiple stops so that you can get off and on.

historic district

The homes were just lovely with many of them built in the 1700’s.

Each historic square, is a park that is surrounded by homes.


Many of the churches have steeples.

Savannah River

The Savannah River is located by the historic district and you can eat some fabulous food and see the boats go by.

Savannah, Georgia

According to the sign, this is a ‘real’ barber shop as opposed to a ‘fake’ one I suppose 😉

Savannah, Georgia

The arborist in me loves trees and there were so many old, live oaks.

 Byrds Famous Cookies

We took some time to do a bit of shopping as well, stopping by Byrds Famous Cookies, which are a Savannah staple.  These bite-sized cookies come in many different flavors.

Of course, we sampled some of the flavors at the ‘cookie bar’.  My favorites were peach and red velvet.

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Georgia

Do you know whose restaurant this is?

(It’s Paula Deen’s restaurant – we made reservations a week ago and ate a delicious, yet fattening lunch 😉

After a wonderful day in Savannah, we drove to a plantation, just outside the city.

Wormsloe Plantation

This is Wormsloe Plantation, which was built in 1736.

You can see the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

Savannah, Georgia

The entrance was just what I imagined the entry to a plantation would look like.

Savannah, Georgia

The drive was lined with 400 live oak trees.

Savannah, Georgia

After we parked, we walked a short distance to the ruins of the plantation house…

Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA
Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA
Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA

A path behind the house led to a marsh.

Another pathway led to a colonial village recreation.

Road Trip: Day 2, Savannah, GA

  There were guides in period costume, who explained how life was back in the early 1700’s.

After leaving the plantation, we spent time visiting a small island called Tybee Island, which I wrote a separate blog post about.

We are having a great time so far.

I have learned that a pineapple represents hospitality, so at many hotels, you will see a pineapple symbol.

Also, the sweet tea is really sweet.

Thank you for joining me for our road trip.  Six days more days to go…and here is what we did the next day.