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It is hard to believe that just two weeks ago, we were first introduced to the newest residents of Double S Farms.  

Newest residents, Two Days Old

Newest residents, Two Days Old

 Two weeks is actually a lot of time to a small chick.  Look at how quickly they have grown….

Newest residents

From left to right, meet Flo, Ramona, Effie and Lucy.

They made their first foray into the great outdoors for two hours.  I don’t know who was more excited…the chicks or my sister, Chicken Farmer.

Their feathers are rapidly forming, especially on their wings.  They still spend the majority of their time indoors as they are too young to be outside other then a couple of hours.

Double S Farms.

They are already trying to fly and one has even managed to escape the brooder and so now the lid will now stay closed.  

Doesn’t that remind you of how exciting it is to see a little toddler take their first steps….until they start getting into things due to their new mobility.  I can definitely see similarities with raising chicks.

Before we leave, please take one last look as the chicks are proudly showing off their newly grown tail feathers for the camera.

Double S Farms.

 Don’t worry…this is not the last we will see of Flo, Lucy, Effie and Ramona.  We will visit again soon…

Guess what came in the mail today?  Believe me, you’ll never guess…

Special Delivery
Baby Chicks

Baby Chicks!

Isn’t amazing that they send them in the mail?

These baby chicks are only 3 days old.  They can live for up to two days without food or water since they continue to live off the nutrition received from the yolk.  So, that makes it feasible to send them in the mail.

Baby Chicks

These baby chicks are the newest residents of Double S Farms.  Chicken Farmer, my sister, has everything all ready for them.

She wrote about her preparations in an earlier post “A Pair of Boots and an Empty Chicken Coop”.

Baby Chicks

Buff Orpington chick 

Barred Plymouth Rock chick

Barred Plymouth Rock chick

Baby Chicks

Their names are Flo, Effie, Ramona and Lucy.

The chicks will spend the next 6 weeks in their brooder, above.

But soon, they will be moving into their new custom made chicken coop.

Double s farms

We are all looking forward to fresh eggs…