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summer rains

Rain shaft heading straight for us.  Torrential rain began to fall just a 1/2 hour after I took this picture.

You would think that living in the desert – that we don’t get much rain.

While it’s true that we don’t get as much rain as most people, we do experience periods of torrential, summer rains.

That has certainly been true, this summer.

Actually, this week, we have had rain every day – often very heavy.

I had a landscape consultation yesterday and the back yard was not landscaped – there was just plain dirt, which had turned to mud.

My shoes are still muddy and drying out in the garage 😉

Approaching thunderstorms as seen from Double S Farms.

My garden has enjoyed the rainfall.  I have shut off my sprinklers and drip irrigation because there is a danger of over-watering plants.

My husband is very happy with how nice our back lawn looks.  The rain and high humidity have really brought out its best.  (The entire garden is my domain, except for our lawn – that is my husband’s).

Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones who have enjoyed our wet, humid summer – so have the mosquitos.  We have gone through 1/2 a bottle of repellent in just 5 days 😉

And so, as the rain threatens to fall again tonight, I will cheerfully sweep the entry and patio for the fourth time this week because I know all too soon the rain will taper off and become an infrequent visitor.