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I often take my camera with me wherever I go, because I never know when I will see something that I want to share with all of you.

So, I was spending the other evening looking through my pictures on my laptop, while my kids were watching a DVD (the Pixar movie, “Cars” – which I admit, I like too).

Well, I came across a photo that I took last year at a local nursery.  I had accompanied my mother to the nursery to help her select 3 pecan trees for Double S Farms.

I must admit that whenever I visit a nursery, I am rather like a kid in a candy store and I spent a lot of time looking at plants and taking pictures.  I’m not sure how much help I was to my mother, since I was so distracted 😉

Well, I saw a very interesting fountain.  Now, there wasn’t any water in this fountain.  Instead, it was full of plants…

Interesting fountain

Interesting fountain

I just love this….don’t you?

(If you look closely, one of the resident chickens is looking for insects for lunch).

Flowering annuals would be best for the top two tiers since the amount of soil they can hold is rather shallow.  Can you imagine how beautiful it would look, overflowing with flowering annuals?

The base looks great with flowering perennials.  You could also plant some herbs as well.

So while I am very inspired by this idea of transforming a fountain – I don’t have one.

But, maybe you do….

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