The Secret to a Bountiful Vegetable Garden

vegetable garden

As you know, I enjoy growing my own vegetables.  Many people ask me what the secret is to a healthy vegetable garden.

Well, what if I told you that the secret ingredient is a natural fertilizer that improves your soil, is plentiful and very cheap.

Would you want to try it in your garden?  Chances are that you are already familiar with this secret ingredient and farmers have been using it for centuries.

What is it?


secret of healthy vegetable garden

Secret of healthy vegetable garden, Manure along with compost are the backbone of my soil in my vegetable gardens.

Manure along with compost are the backbone of my soil in my vegetable gardens.

I blogged about using manure when creating my newest vegetable garden early last year.

I recently wrote an article “The Poop Scoop: Enrich Your Soil With Good Old Manure” for

I hope you enjoy it!


The most recent update on our daughter, Rachele, who is in basic training for the Navy is that she has to pass her last running test in order to graduate.

She is quite nervous about passing because she still hasn’t recovered from her twisted ankle and also has shin splints.

I would appreciate your prayers that she will be able to pass 🙂

Noelle Johnson, aka, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a author, horticulturist, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful desert gardens that thrive in a hot, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."
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  1. Diana Waite
    Diana Waite says:

    nice info! If she can have your girl take extra strength exedrin for her shin splints, I used to get them HORRIBLY in track in High school and that was the ONLY thing that would help! GOOD luck to your girl! 🙂

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Yes manure is a basic ingredient for a healthy garden. We are using it for ages especially in our province garden, because we are not like the US in terms of modern technologies and facilities. But of course big farms here use the US-like technologies, but it seems everybody wants to go organic, back to basic.

    But manure compositions depend also on what the animals ate, so they differ much in nutrient contents too.

  3. rosiemomma
    rosiemomma says:

    I've been praying for your daughter. I look forward to hearing about how the running test goes. I'll be praying she will be able to keep her eyes fixed on the prize!!

  4. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Manure is also the secret to my veggie garden! Plus kitchen compost and crushed fallen leaves for mulch. Good luck to your daughter.

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