Fall has arrived in the desert southwest, despite what the thermometer says.

Days are still warm, but the nights are getting longer and cooler.  
Plants are beginning to show signs of fall by putting an extra flush of bloom.
Salvia chamaedryoides
This is by far, my favorite time of year and you’ll often find me in the garden adding new plants as well as tending to my vegetable garden.
Not surprisingly, fall is the busiest time in the garden, and there is a lot to do.  I’ve made a new ‘AZ Plant Lady Garden Video’ to help you with what needs to be done in the garden right now.

*What are you doing in your fall garden?

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  1. Amanda Salt
    Amanda Salt says:

    Great video — I live in the Phoenix area and your site is so helpful! Is there a good time of year to prune back purple trailing lantana and texas sage? Our lantana has become overgrown & woody with fewer blooms. For the sage, our landscapers have let it grow to enormous proportions and cut it in a boxy shape, but I want to prune it back to be smaller and have a more natural look. Better to do this now or in the spring? Thanks so much!


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