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A Hidden Garden in the Middle of Phoenix

Have you ever discovered a garden in a surprising place? A few years ago, I found myself driving through the historic neighborhoods of the Encanto district in downtown Phoenix. I had finished up a landscape consultation in the area and decided to drive through the nearby neighborhoods in the historic district.   My initial goal […]

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Gorgeous Germander for Desert Gardens

I have a wonderful treat for you! This week’s blog post is from Dr. Jacqueline Soule. Chances are that her name sounds familiar and that is because she is a noted plant expert and well-known author of several books on desert gardening. Jacqueline grew up in Tucson and currently resides there where she enjoys growing […]

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A Stroll Through a Flowering Winter’s Garden

Did you know that you can have plants blooming in your landscape every month of the year? In the desert garden, this is definitely true! One of the most popular programs that I teach at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix is ‘Flowering All Year’. During the presentation, I teach students how to incorporate plants […]

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A Desert Garden’s Winter Beauty on Display

Winter is a beautiful time of year in the desert landscape with bright blue skies, fresh cool air, and the plants in the garden add subtle beauty. This particular garden was the backdrop for a video shoot by the horticultural filmmaker, PlantPop this past December. They asked me to be the subject of their first […]

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Hop Bush: The Alternative to Oleanders

No matter where you live, you will see the same shrubs being used over and over again in countless landscapes. While the shrubs may be attractive, their overuse throughout neighborhoods creates a boring appearance because they are so common.   In California, Nevada, and Arizona, oleanders have held a prominent spot in the landscape for […]

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AZ Plant Lady’s Must-Have Items for the Desert Gardener

I love to spend time out in the garden but it may surprise you to learn that I don’t have a garden shed full of tools, fertilizer, and other gardening items. Full Disclosure: I USED to! As a garden influencer, companies send me their newest tools and fertilizers in hopes that I will recommend them […]

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Water Saving Landscapes: 3 Options

For those who live in the western half of the United States, water has always been a precious resource. In recent years, this has become especially true during a long-term drought has made its impact felt. As a result, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to save water. The first place you should start […]

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White Flowers for the Southwest Landscape: Part 2

Gardeners have long known about white flowering plants and the beauty that they bring to the garden. The color white is seen by many as a bright, clean color that makes surrounding colors ‘pop’ visually.  Others like how white flowers seem to glow in the evening and early morning hours in the landscape. Thankfully, there are […]