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Landscape No-No’s and How to Fix Them: Over Planted, Poodle Pruned Shrubs and Lack of Variety

Photo: Landscape No-No Have you ever driven past a landscape that had some problems with it?  As a horticulturist and landscape consultant, my attention diverts whenever I see ‘Landscape No-No’s’ like this one. Awhile ago, I shared the photo of the landscape, above, on my Facebook page and invited people to identify three things wrong with the […]

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Container Gardening: Growing Bougainvillea in Pots

Do you love the beauty of bougainvillea? Many of us will agree that bougainvillea is beautiful, but many homeowners hesitate to grow them for a variety of reasons. The most common that I hear is that they get too big and as a result, too messy. While both statements are certainly true, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy […]

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Lessons From a Heat-Stressed Desert Garden

Let’s face it. Hot summers are not surprising to desert dwellers. In fact, a typical desert garden with native and desert-adapted plants will weather intense heat with little fuss. However, this summer has been one for the books and I’ve seen signs of heat-stress that I’ve never seen before. And yes, within my own garden. […]

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Are Your Roses Feeling The Heat?

Photo: Roses Feeling The Heat , My Abraham Darby shrub rose and my little dog, Tobey. If you live in a hot arid climate, chances are that your roses are feeling the heat and aren’t looking their best right now. While gardeners in cooler climates celebrate summer with beautiful rose blooms, the opposite is true […]

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Garden Surprise: A Self-Planted Bouquet

Have you ever had the experience of receiving an unexpected self-planted bouquet? I’ve been blessed to have gotten bouquets throughout my life from my wonderful husband, my children, and in the past – from a boyfriend or two. But recently, I was presented with a bouquet from an unlikely source. If you look up the […]