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5 Tips for a Heatproof Garden

What do your plants look like in the middle of summer?  Do they thrive despite the hot temperatures?   Or do they look more like this?   Throw in a heatwave, and your lovely, attractive plants may be suddenly struggling to survive.   Whether you live in the desert Southwest or more temperate climates, this […]

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How Much Water Do My Plants Need?

“How much water do my plants need?” I am often asked this question by desert dwellers and my answer is always, “That depends.” There are several variables that determine how much water plants need, along with the frequency of watering. Variables include: Type of soil (clay, sand, combination) What kind of plant (native plants, higher […]

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‘Red Hot’ Is A Welcome Addition to the Desert Garden

I am always on the lookout for new plants to the desert plant palette. Growers experiment with new varieties of more common plants in an attempt to find new colors, sizes, and more desirable characteristics. This past fall, I was invited to visit Civano Nursery Farm, located in Sahuarita, 20 miles outside of Tucson. The main […]

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Colorful Plants, Spiky Pots, Snakes, Roses and the Prom!

  Spring in the desert is the most beautiful time of year with the majority of plants in the landscape bursting out with flowers. It’s also a very busy time for me with landscape consultations, speaking engagements, work in the garden, and family life. I love to document the happenings in my life by taking […]

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Tour of My Spring Garden

Have you ever noticed that spring has a way of surprising you in the garden? That is indeed the thought that I had earlier this week as I walked through my front landscape. After spending a week visiting my daughter in cold, wintery Michigan, I was anxious to return home and see what effects that a […]