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Exciting News! New Resource for Desert Gardeners

For my longtime followers, you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging as regularly as before. Well, I am excited to tell you the reason why. But first, a little background. I help desert gardeners in my work as a landscape consultant where I meet with my clients and give them the knowledge and […]

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Drive By Landscapes: Winter Beauty in the Southwest Garden

One of the things that I enjoy about living in the Southwest are the beautiful outdoor spaces. In particular, I am struck by the color and beauty in the winter landscape. Now, for those of you who follow, know that I often take photos of ‘problem’ landscapes I drive by. Well, not this time!  I […]

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5 Reasons You Are Struggling With Your Desert Garden

I am always looking for ways to help people on their desert garden journey and so I’m offering a FREE class on 5 reasons you are struggling with your desert garden. As a horticulturist and landscape consultant, I have seen people making the same mistakes, which prevent them from having a beautiful outdoor space. Because […]