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How to Help Your Plants Survive a Heatwave

Heat proof garden plans are easy to put together. Forecasts of a heatwave in the desert may seem a rather foreign concept when temperatures in summer are routinely over 100 degrees. However, when temps are predicted to be 110 degrees and over, plants in landscapes that normally handle hot weather without complaint, can suffer. Mastering […]

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Transforming Your Side Yard: Three Inspiring Ideas

Elevate Your Side Yard with Creative Solutions Side yard art in the form of a garden? Yes please! Do you have a side garden or perhaps an empty stretch of landscape along the side of your house? Many of my clients do, and they desire something attractive to look at when they look outside their […]

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It’s My Book Birthday!

A Long-Awaited Gardening Book Birthday: Turning 18 Months of Dreams into Reality Today – the big gardening book birthday – was a day long in coming… In many ways, it was like a very long pregnancy. 18 months to be exact since my initial discussion with my editor about writing a book on desert gardening. […]

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A Lilac for the Desert? Another Great Lesser-Known Plant to Try

Purple lilac vine Discovering the Beauty of the Purple Lilac Vine (Hardenbergia violacea) In the midst of a colorless winter garden, a burst of vibrant beauty can be a delightful surprise. Explore the wonders of this wonderful purple vine, a lesser-known gem that thrives in the desert garden. Embracing the Lilac Vine’s Versatility Welcome to […]

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Early Morning Birding Exploration

I have picked up a new hobby, which was a bit accidental – birding! As a horticulturist, birds go along with gardening, and I’ve always enjoyed them. One of my most requested speaking topics is about gardening for birds. However, I have begun to dive deeply into the fascinating birding world. Birding is Fun with […]

The Best Pumpkin Bread Recipe You’ve Ever Tasted

A Family Pumpkin Bread Recipe with a Garden Twist I realize you are likely to find useful desert gardening info on my website, but what you may not know is that I love spending time in my kitchen and this Pumpkin Bread Recipe is to-die-for. So, today’s post is about a favorite recipe, but there […]