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Drive By Landscapes: Winter Beauty in the Southwest Garden

One of the things that I enjoy about living in the Southwest are the beautiful outdoor spaces. In particular, I am struck by the color and beauty in the winter landscape. Now, for those of you who follow, know that I often take photos of ‘problem’ landscapes I drive by. Well, not this time!  I […]

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5 Reasons You Are Struggling With Your Desert Garden

I am always looking for ways to help people on their desert garden journey and so I’m offering a FREE class on 5 reasons you are struggling with your desert garden. As a horticulturist and landscape consultant, I have seen people making the same mistakes, which prevent them from having a beautiful outdoor space. Because […]

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48-Hour Sale – Through the Garden Gate!!

In preparation for the holiday season, I am re-opening access to “Through the Garden Gate” for only 48-hours!!! This is a makes a wonderful gift for yourself or the special person in your life who want to learn how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful desert garden. Here is what current members are saying: “This […]

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Progress! One-Year Post Desert Landscape Renovation

Have you ever renovated the interior of your house? Seeing the old, outdated elements peeled away and replaced with new paint, flooring, etc. can leave you feeling refreshed and even excited. Well, I get to do that with outdoor spaces, assisting clients with already established landscapes, create an updated look. The key to this is […]