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Protecting Your Desert Garden From a Heatwave

Summers in the desert garden are hot. That’s no surprise. However, there are periods within these hot months that temperatures climb higher than normal. Because of this, we do need to help protect our gardens from the effects of a heatwave. So, what is considered a heatwave in the low to mid-altitude desert? As a […]

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The Ugly Truth – What Over-Pruned Shrubs Really Look Like

Many of us are familiar with how over-pruning can take away much of the beauty of flowering shrubs, in addition to contributing to their early death. But, have you ever wondered what they look on the inside? I found this ‘ugly’ example alongside the drive-thru of Taco Bell. Over Pruned Shrubs It isn’t pretty, is […]


Pink Blooms In the Desert Garden

Springtime in the desert southwest is a glorious time. We say “goodbye” to cold, winter temperatures and delight in the landscape around us and it bursts into bloom. I enjoy spending time outdoors this time of year, realizing that soon I will go into what I like to call ‘summer hibernation’ as the temperatures reach […]

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Tips to Save Money When Shopping for Succulents

Shopping for Succulents, Desert Botanical Garden Plant Sale I enjoy attending plant sales hosted by botanical gardens. Why? Because you can often find the newest plants (even hard to find ones) at them. Of course, you can also find old favorites as well. Succulents, including cacti are a great way to add texture and interest […]