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White Flowers for the Southwest Landscape: Part 2

Gardeners have long known about white flowering plants and the beauty that they bring to the garden. The color white is seen by many as a bright, clean color that makes surrounding colors ‘pop’ visually.  Others like how white flowers seem to glow in the evening and early morning hours in the landscape. Thankfully, there are […]

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White Flowering Plants for the Southwest Landscape: Part 1

Do you use white flowering plants in your landscape? I do. However, some people tend to overlook white flowers in favor of flashier colors such as yellow, orange or red.  But did you know that white flowers can help show off the other colors in your landscape by providing color contrast? In addition, white flowering […]

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Fall Foliage for the Southwestern Garden

Does it look like fall where you live? If you live in the West or Southwestern regions of the U.S. your answer is probably “no”. Fall foliage we enjoyed on a trip to Williamsburg, VA several years ago.   Have you ever traveled somewhere else to find colorful fall foliage?   What if you could […]

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Old, Overgrown Plants: Time to Start Over?

Have you ever driven by a newly-planted landscape?  If so, you probably noticed that many of the plants were quite small.     I like to joke that sometimes you need a magnifying glass just to see the new plants. But as small as they are, within a short amount of time, those plants start […]

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An Historic Garden Jewel in the City

Imagine finding yourself stepping back in time, surrounded by small adobe homes and extensive gardens – all in modern-day Phoenix.   The Phoenix Homesteads District dates back to the 1930s and is the only adobe neighborhood in Phoenix.  Mature pine trees line the streets interspersed with Mexican fan palms creating a green tunnel that beckons you […]

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Fall Planting: How to Select Plants

The signs that fall is approaching are sometimes so subtle that it is easy to miss them.  But, they are there just the same. You may notice the lengthening shadows on your way home from work, signaling shorter days.  Or maybe you’ve noticed that you aren’t rushing indoors as quickly as you did earlier this summer.   Fall is […]