July’s Monthly Garden Bouquet (MGB)

July Garden Bouquet

Hello Everyone!  It is hard to believe that it is already time for July Monthly Garden Bouquet (MGB).  The summer seems to be flying by.  Soon my kids will be back in school and I will be able to get back to blogging more regularly and commenting on your posts 🙂  I miss my normal routine and my life seems to revolve around my kids 24/7.  Not that that is bad, mind you….I love my kids a lot, but I am looking forward to having a little time to do the things that I enjoy.

The bouquet that I created for July is made up of Lysiloma leaves, Bougainvillea brachts and Yellow Bell (Tecoma stans) flowers.    *Did you know that the colorful magenta ‘flowers’ on the bougainvillea are not the flowers?  They are actually brachts that form around the tiny, cream colored flower in the middle.

I must confess that it took me awhile to decide where to take the picture of my bouquet and I finally settled on the lawn in our back garden.  I love how the color green can make me feel like the temperatures have dropped a few degrees.

July Garden Bouquet

July Garden Bouquet

 As you can see, my bouquet is rather simple like me but rather colorful at the same time.

I would love to see your July bouquets.  The guidelines for MGB are very simple….

1. MGB is held the third week of each month and bouquets can be submitted during a 7 day period (or even later if you like).

2. Create your own bouquet as fancy or simple as you like.

3. I would appreciate it if you would provide a link back to my post inside of your MGB post, but it is not required 🙂

4. Add your link to Mr. Linky below and that’s it!

I cannot wait to see what bouquets you create from your summer gardens.

Have a great week!

Noelle Johnson, aka, 'AZ Plant Lady' is a author, horticulturist, and landscape consultant who helps people learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful desert gardens that thrive in a hot, dry climate. She does this through her consulting services, her online class Desert Gardening 101, and her monthly membership club, Through the Garden Gate. As she likes to tell desert-dwellers, "Gardening in the desert isn't hard, but it is different."
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  1. Patchwork
    Patchwork says:

    Beautiful. I would never have thought to put those together in a bouquet. But, it's lovely.

    And, again I learned something here.


  2. Catherine@AGardenerinProgress
    Catherine@AGardenerinProgress says:

    It's beautiful. I love the bougainvillea, I always thought the colored part was the flower. The Yellow bell is so pretty, I wish those grew here. I did the same thing with my bouquet, carrying it around trying to find good lighting. I had fun putting mine together yesterday.

  3. Curbstone Valley Farm
    Curbstone Valley Farm says:

    Beautiful bouquet Noelle, the colors are lovely together. Not sure I would have thought to use bougainvillea in a bouquet…last time I got too close to one I was almost skewered by some wickedly long thorns. I tend to give it a wide berth now 😛

  4. Marguerite
    Marguerite says:

    Not only do I love flower bouquets it's always interesting to see what sort of containers people use! Your blue bottle is wonderful. Thanks for hosting this, Marguerite

  5. Kathleen Scott
    Kathleen Scott says:

    Fun to see the glory from your garden. Spontaneous creativity.

    My yellow bells aren't blooming. The plants are healthy and thriving but almost no blooms. And this year we had rain too.

  6. Kiki
    Kiki says:

    Wow..what a beauty..stunning…fabulous bouquet Noelle! I love seeing what you create each month..now if only I could remember to make one too…ha ha!

  7. Rose
    Rose says:

    Such a vibrant and cheery bouquet, Noelle! I'm sorry I'm not participating this month–I really should go out and bring some of those blooms inside instead of letting them wither in the heat.

    What are the flowers in your header? So pretty!

  8. sewingseeds4U
    sewingseeds4U says:

    What a simple but beautiful bouquet. Nothing really looks terrific in my garden right now but I will go out early in the morning and look with fresh eyes, out of the box.

  9. Floridagirl
    Floridagirl says:

    Love that bouquet, Noelle! Fuchsia and yellow is my favorite color combo. Very pretty against that green lawn as well. Is it hard to grow a lawn in the desert? I am surprised to see you growing bougainvillea up there. Are you in Zone 9?

  10. arizonaplantlady@gmail.com
    arizonaplantlady@gmail.com says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    Rebecca, Kai is doing much better and is starting to walk again 🙂

    Florida Girl, it is very easy to grow a lawn in the desert. Bermuda is the type grown and does very well…with our lack of humidity we do not have to deal with fungal diseases. Bougainvillea grows like crazy in my zone 8 garden, but does suffer frost damage in the winter, but bounces right back in the spring 🙂

  11. walk2write
    walk2write says:

    I love this idea for a meme! Your choice of colors is perfect and so is the backdrop. When I get back to our house this weekend, I'll have to see what's surviving the heat and see if I can come up with something to assemble. Is it too late to link up then?

  12. Balisha
    Balisha says:

    Hi Noelle…better late than never. Loved your bouquet. This project is making me bring flowers into the house. I didn't pick many before. My bouquet is up…Balisha

  13. David
    David says:

    I just found out about this group and decided to join. I have a tropical garden under a lot of shade, so this will be a nice challenge each month. After the bouquet is posted, I'll give them to my wife. I think she'll love this.
    The collection so far is fantastic.
    Everyone should be proud.
    Noelle, I just found your garden blog and love it. Can't wait to show my friends.
    David at Tropical Texana 🙂

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